Release - May 11
Insights (Reports)
  • Canvas Course Reports are now available (
    Please contact your implementation representative or CSM for more information about this feature's functionality and set up)
  • Active user calculation in Tool Adoption Reports now takes into account the start and end date of role assignment
  • Improved context validation visualization
  • Improved path visualization with breadcrumbs for Arrange Article and Reporting Template tabs
Screen Shot 2021-05-07 at 08
Release - May 4
  • Improved true preview of messages on view/edit message page
  • Added drop-down menu option for the presentation of sub-options within the support center
  • Resolved issues regarding translations in messages and articles
Release - April 27
Insights (Reports)
  • Route ID from Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience environments now captured for the ‘Pages With Most Support Requests’ table under the Support Insights tab.
Release - April 27
Release - April 20
  • Fixed support center article display when subcategory is added
  • Fixed support center routing availability scheduling
  • Added ability to remove categorised monitor from reporting template
  • Added ability to hide Blackboard help suggestion in Blackboard Learn Ultra Support Center (Please contact your Customer Success Manager or EesySoft Support to enable this feature)
  • Added visual indicator for table overflow
Release - April 13
  • Support Center theme styling settings are now available in the Support Center Design tab.
This feature needs to be enabled on the EesySoft side, so please contact your implementation representative or Customer Success Manager to access this feature.
Release- April 13
Release - April 6
  • Canvas course search page enabled
  • Ability to drag and drop support article categories into other support article categories in the Arrange Articles page
  • Ability to drag and drop articles into desired order in Arrange Articles page
  • Most recent campaigns will be placed at the top of your campaign list
  • Articles now removed from uncategorized articles list after category assignment in real time
  • Monitor creation time stamp fixed
  • Monitor deletion fixed
Release Graphic - April 6
Release - March 30
  • Added right-click ‘paste’ option in the rich editor of articles so users can copy & paste content from external sources/documents.
  • Rich Edit Mode On/Off toggle added to the Create/Edit Article page.
Release Gif - MARCH 30
Release - March 23
  • Fixed issue when saving scheduled visibility time for messages & articles
  • Inline editor now links to the new dashboard at
  • Realistic preview of title cut-off in view/edit message page
  • Fixed Chrome/macOS compatibility issue
  • Changed default fields of context table to include “Created By” and hide “Description”
  • Fixed the displaying of user count in campaigns
  • Improved report loading speed by adding “apply” buttons to all reports and canceling stale report requests in
Release - March 9
  • Fixed visibility of bulk action header on manage messages and articles pages
  • Fixed issue related to user category filter in course activity search page
  • Fixed disappearing support center button when triggering inline editor
  • Visualization of view state and edit state match in message editor
  • Added ability to sort and filter messages and articles on visibility status
  • Fixed broken links between Support Center categories
  • Improved workflow for showing and hiding support center categories and routes
  • Improved tag length validation
  • Fixed user group name overflow
  • Fixed identification of first name and last name correctly when tokenising full name
  • Added ‘apply’ button to reports to allow for all filters to be applied before loading
  • Reduced loading time for reports by removing stale reports from queue
Apply Button - March 9 release
Release - March 2, 2021
  • Fixed issue related to the presentation of legacy link items in
  • Added horizontal scroll for table overviews
  • Distinct color coding for production instances in
  • Fixed issue regarding the closing of the global settings menu in
  • Fixed issue affecting the embedding of files using the rich editor in
  • Improved custom course role registration in
  • New: Enhanced campaign template page
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